Saturday, March 5, 2011

Calm Before the Storm - Ann Field

Widow Murphy's Peppers

Widow Murphy had quite the garden. She grew the most flavorful vegetables anyone could ever hope to taste. When she came down the street with a basket to share, you could be assured you were in for a real treat.

Although, as these things go, there was a problem. Widow Murphy’s neighbor, Herbert, started helping himself to her vegetables. He’d climb over the fence at night and strip her plants bare. This really upset the Widow but she was at a loss how to keep Herbert out of her garden.

One day while she was talking to a neighbor about Herbert stealing her haul, an odd calm came over the Widow. An idea had just occurred to the her and if you‘d seen her face, you’d have thought the Widow had seen Jesus himself! She quietly went home and didn’t say a word.

It was about that same time Widow Murphy started growing peppers. She told all the neighbors they would be the tastiest peppers they had ever eaten but they needed to wait until they were ripe. You see, these were VERY special peppers from Uruguay. The Widow told them -if these Uruguay peppers were picked from the vine to soon or eaten before they were ripe- they could burn a hole right through the roof of your mouth or worse!

Of course Herbert overheard all and didn’t believe a thing that crazy old Widow said. He was going to get her peppers before she had a chance to harvest them and that was all there was to it.

We don’t know exactly what happened. It seemed too calm in the neighborhood, but a couple weeks later, it sounded like a tornado hit! One of the neighbors actually witnessed the explosion and swears that he saw Herbert rocket straight up out of the roof of his house! He said the strangest thing was that Herbert was holding a handful of Widow Murphy’s peppers!

Herbert was never seen again but all the neighbors say he probably moved to Uruguay.

The End.

Ann Field
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Ray Shuell on March 6, 2011 at 12:48 PM said...

Absolutely wonderful, Ann. Have you ever though of writing professionally. So very, very good. If you ever do a book of short stories, order me a copy!

Anonymous said...

Oh -I do write professionally all the time Mr. Shuel, and I’d love to get your input on my profound heartfelt stories.

I try to write things that have ‘life lessons’ and really hit home for each of us. For instance, we all have a ‘Herbert’ in our lives. I offer my readers viable humane answers to these kind of ongoing problems within their neighborhoods.

Ann Field

Anonymous said...

Correction- that should have been Mr. 'Shuell'. I hate misspellings and will flog myself for that in a minute…but I think my next tale will be about people that misspell and what we need to do about them.


Sarah on March 6, 2011 at 3:23 PM said...

Ann, this is very amusing to imagine. I agree, it is very helpful to be able to take care of these kinds of problems in a creative (and legal, of course) way! For a good example, discourteous dog owners in your neighborhood ;)

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