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Total Meltdown; A Novel of Political Intrigue

Here at The Inferno we’re blessed to have as a regular, William Maltese, gifted writer and best selling author.  William has published over 200 novels, spanning the genre’s.  Many of which can be found on Barns and and not to mention the shelves at your local book store.   Candle artists, Jfay, of and Wick’d Reads a regular contributor to The Artists Challenge, works closely with William on many of his book promotions.

William chose the above painting from The Artists Challenge gallery 13; The Patriot, with the permission of our very own Heather Brown Truman, of  Bad Kitty Art Studios, artist extraordinaire.  Her painting tilted, “With Liberty and Justice For All” Fits well with Williams new political intrigue novel “Total Meltdown”.  

Without further adieu, Let me share an excerpt from his novel, provided by William, and a statement from Heather.

From Heather:: “I painted this work in honor of all the brave and selfless patriots that have fought and died for what they believed in, our freedom as a people and the right to liberty and justice for all; they also happen to be gay people. The right to be openly gay in our military is a right of being a human being with civil rights. I salute and thank all the patriots of this battle, the one that is still being fought now, and the ones that they have fought for and died for in the past. Thank you to all our fighting men and women, no matter who they love in private, the color of their skin, their gender, or what God they kneel before in private prayer.”



Seen separately, Tripler and Clarke seemed to have nothing in common. They appeared decidedly mismatched — audacious caricatures of the 1950’s cartoon strip’s Mutt and Jeff. Their seemingly ludicrous pairing made people underestimate their political talents — a situation Tripler and Clarke used to advantage.

Tripler, despite his brawny no-brain looks, was actually an inveterate conversationalist and razor-sharp political analyst with inside connections into virtually every government in the world. Clarke, the more reclusive, was a world-class computer expert with access, one way or another, into virtually every existent governmental, military, and civil computer and telecommunications network. Together, they were the heart and soul of a political triad with Jackson the avatar and voice.

In Harvard, they and now President-elect Jackson had converged at the local watering hole — three rejects pushed at the same serendipitous moment out of the social scene and into a side booth to find each other. Sparks of intellectual electricity flashed and exploded between them. After a few beers, they reached general consensus regarding their peers astounding political ineptness. This quickly became the nidus of what later proved a lifelong enterprise.

“Tripler” President-Election Jackson now said, “I need you to access your sources and see how the key players stand in regard to the ‘rumors’ that the U.S. will by morning be facing an unprecedented economic and political downturn. Emphasize the word ‘rumor’ and see where it takes you. I want to know specifics: who, what, when, where and how.”

Then he turned his attention back to Tripler’s lover.

“Clarke …”

Anticipating President-Elect Jackson, Clarke cut in: “There’s a decided increase in on-line phrases like ‘economic meltdown,’ — ‘civil war’ — ‘opportunity for invasion.’ Worse, telecommunication chatter out of Eurasia about the Vladivostok Military Exercises suggests they are escalating in size well beyond what the Russians and Chinese are saying publically.”

©2009 Raymond Gaynor and William Maltese

TOTAL MELTDOWN, a novel of political intrigue

By Gary Martine (writing as Raymond Gaynor) and WILLIAM MALTESE

ISBN-10: 1434403556

ISBN-13: 978-1434403551


Vikki North on September 7, 2009 at 6:53 PM said...

Veeeeery intriguing William. Best of luck with the book.

Eric S. on September 7, 2009 at 10:42 PM said...

Now I'm going to have to add another book to my wish list.

Best of luck with the book William, thank you for sharing with us.

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