Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stowaways!!! Bring The Plank!

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Alas  Maties, we’ve had a few stowaways.  I had Wench Sonya set a trap for the scurvy beggars.   Baited well, with strong drink and sautéed mushrooms (long story behind said bait, too long for this eve’s tale of news).   The trap worked fair enough, we captured a few,  and offered a choice of toiling for the good of the ship, or WALKING THE PLANK.

Wouldn’t ya know, the scoundrels chose the toils of ships labor!  We might as well throw that plank overboard, at this rate we’ll never get to use the blasted thing.  I be holding in me grubby hands, writings from those few brave souls, who chose the ships toils.  I will say they are grand indeed, creepy and fun in  “Curiosities” way.

There still be time fore the deadline, and I know a few more stowaways are about.  Keep yer eyes pealed, and the shackles handy.  Maybe we’ll get lucky and find us a few that will brave the plank, over struggles of ships work. 

I’ve set about having the barnacles scrapped from the hull, to add a fair amount of speed to our fine ship.  I put Wench Sonya to work swabbing the deck, and had her scrounge up some volunteers to slop some paint around.  The rewards of these labors be hidden for now, but you’ll be seeing them soon enough.   We have a master sail maker in the Pub Wench, and she's blessed us with some fine new and fanciful mast canvas.  It’ll catch any wind, and frighten all enemies. 

I’ll have the deck crew hoisting those spectacular yards of canvas soon enough.  Till then, we’ll be entertaining ye with some tall tales, and wild stories, thanks to them thar stowaways.  

If ye be brave enough to book passage on our fine ship, just click the contact me button at the top left of the page.  The cost is a story of woe, pain, plight, or if you must, delight.  The current challenge is “Curiosity Killed The Cat” an evening of woe and delight of Edgar Allen Poe.  We’ll be setting sail for that challenge September 19’th.  If ye be late, simply look on the horizon, and watch for the grandest sails  to ever grace a ship.  That’ll be us, The Inferno, and try to catch up. 

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